For the love of Chai

I have recently become a convert to chai tea. I find it soft, warming and comforting even in the summer months. I had a wonderful time watching Kim making our own blend for the shop today and took some happy snaps. With only about 130 days until touchdown in India, and with my new found love of this potion I thought it necessary to immerse myself in the labour of love of making this lovely drink. Ginger. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Star Anise are just some of the ingredients. Kimmi uses her rolling pin to pound the kernels by hand - it truely is a labour of love! I can't wait to have one in India.

Jaipur Calling!!!

Hey there all my friends! India has been calling for a long time, and when my friend Maddy asked me to join her on one of her tours I jumped at the chance. I am an India virgin, so the thought of going there with Maddy was truly exciting. We decided that I would join her on the Jaipur and Beyond Tour, which is scheduled for January 2018. Delhi Slum School Visist While I am there, we will be visiting a slum school in Delhi, operated by the owner of our hotel.  We hope to present them with some funds that we have raised in our event at The Modern Grocer on 19th April form 2.00pm in the shop. Head on over to my Facebook page to find out all the details about the night.  I have an event set up s

You MUST try this.

Hi everyone, I just came home from work, and was absolutely starving, and could not really be bothered to cook, it was going to be another Tea and Toast dinner for the Nimmo family. I popped on the jug to get the cuppa brewing, and opened the fridge to get the milk. LOW AND BEHOLD. There was left over food which I had totally forgotten about from last night's mad rush for food!!! And it was such an exciting discovery. All the flavours from my found dish had been infusing all day in the velvety olive oil that I had cooked it all in. What did I cook I hear you ask? I had cooked the most delicious CAPONATA. I have made a few recently with the eggplants being so bold, shiny and just calli