• Jo Nimmo

You MUST try this.

Hi everyone, I just came home from work, and was absolutely starving, and could not really be bothered to cook, it was going to be another Tea and Toast dinner for the Nimmo family. I popped on the jug to get the cuppa brewing, and opened the fridge to get the milk.

LOW AND BEHOLD. There was left over food which I had totally forgotten about from last night's mad rush for food!!! And it was such an exciting discovery. All the flavours from my found dish had been infusing all day in the velvety olive oil that I had cooked it all in.

What did I cook I hear you ask?

I had cooked the most delicious CAPONATA. I have made a few recently with the eggplants being so bold, shiny and just calling me. This meal is just so quick and tasty and the mix of flavours just tantalises my taste buds every time. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and the zing from the vinegar component.

It is much better to let the caponata infuse over night so the flavours meld, although it is just as delicious when eaten the same day like I did last night.

So here is the secret recipe that I use for my caponata.

One large eggplant - cut into large cubes

One Onion cut into chunks

2 Garlic Cloves

Some butter about a dessert spoon

Capsicum cut into chunks

Tomato Paste

Cut up tomatoes - about 3-4 large ones.


Splash Red wine Vinegar

Salt and pepper

Green Olives

How to put together

Sautee the eggplant in PLENTY of oil in batches until it has soaked up the oil and browned. This can take alot of oil - but its worth it.

Put these to the side

Saute onion, garlic and capsicum in oil and butter

When this is all gooey and soft, then add back in your eggplant.

Add in your pre-cut tomatoes

Mix through about of 2 dessert spoons of Tomato paste

Add in the capers, vinegar, pepper and salt

Sneak in also some sugar - I just use raw as it lives beside my stove. a healthy pinch I would suggest.

Keep gently turning in the pan while it cooks down

When completed, add in about 10 green olives.

So we end up with a sweet, salty, tangy dish that you can do so much with.

Leave in the fridge over night for best results, more delicious when served cool.