• Jo Nimmo

Jaipur Calling!!!

Hey there all my friends!

India has been calling for a long time, and when my friend Maddy asked me to join her on one of her tours I jumped at the chance. 

I am an India virgin, so the thought of going there with Maddy was truly exciting.

We decided that I would join her on the Jaipur and Beyond Tour, which is scheduled for January 2018.

Delhi Slum School Visist

While I am there, we will be visiting a slum school in Delhi, operated by the owner of our hotel.  We hope to present them with some funds that we have raised in our event at The Modern Grocer on 19th April form 2.00pm in the shop.

Head on over to my Facebook page to find out all the details about the night.  I have an event set up so you can see details. I am just so super excited!

I am looking forward to heading there, and sharing my experiences with you through my blog.  SUPER SUPER excited. 

If you know of anything I really need to do and see in India around the Jaipur/Pushkar/Delhi region, I'd love to know.  Drop me a line or comment below and Ill see if I can do it.

Some things ill be checking out are:

  • Spice Tours

  • Cooking Classes

  • The Taj Mahal 

  • Visiting school.

  • Camel Riding and 

  • so so so much more.....  

149 Days to go 

xx Jo xx