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Getting Closer

It is all getting a little closer now to the grand opening of our expansion of The Modern Grocer. There are a few hurdles still to get over, nothing too dramatic, with the major one being a procrastinating husband! Not really, Simon is doing a wonderful job sourcing many new and exciting options sourced from the Tweed to bring you closer to their makers.

A trip to Ballina saw us have a wonderful lunch at Bunnings - a great opportunity to catch up with not only mum and dad, but also with Tony from Mosquito Creek Furniture. Tony works from a huge shed in South Ballina - just a short ferry ride and about 3km down the road .. all for $11.00 return .... The captain of the Ferry is a great man, and was very happy to honk the horn when i did not realise I had to get out of the car to pay my dues. I am sure on other ferries they come to the car window - what if it was raining!!!!

Essential energy have finally come to the party and declared we have the go ahead on all requirements for the electricity, so now it is a matter of filling the shop with the final fittings and the goodies. That does not sound too hard to achieve in THREE WEEKS or so!!!

With this short time frame in mind, let me think about the things to do, some of which are reflected in the images above. So we still need to address Menu testing (well that's a fun job), light fittings, supplier orders, seating arrangements, country visits for additional ideas, and of course the obligatory painting -- I think that is one of the funnest parts of all.

It is an exciting time for The Modern Grocer, thank you for coming along on the journey with us. It is our 10th birthday this year, and what a way to start it off.

I might just even have my Chocolate Cake Baking Competition again this year .. What do you all think?

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